About Us

As a faculty-advised Ross organization, ACED combines educational, professional, and social activities for our members to learn and grow from. Our goal is to increase awareness on business and growing opportunities in Asia’s economy.

Become inspired at our weekly educational presentations.

ACED is committed to increasing general knowledge of Asia’s impact on the world and the University of Michigan campus. Each week we hold presentations on recent developments that affect the Asian economy. Our members are educated, informed, and ready to enter the global workplace.

Learn from peers with our custom tailored mentorship program.

A key aspect of ACED is our mentor-mentee partnerships. Each mentee is paired with an more experienced student with similar interests to help them navigate both the educational and professional world. We also have an ongoing partnership with ICBC, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, where members are paired with executives from China’s largest bank studying at the Ross School of Business before they are dispatched to their branch offices around the world.

Enjoy the work and look forward to the fun because we have it all.

From hot pot to consulting projects, we keep our ACED members interested, involved and engaged, always with opportunities for leadership and growth. Each year we hold Wassup China, a business conference open to the general public with speakers, performances, and food.